Adding Intriguing

When you look at the art of storytelling as simply a set of ideas, plots or lessons conveyed through words, the overall prospect of communicating with your audience will be quite limited. Although words are quite possibly the most accurate, widely used and easily understood means of communication between human beings, the modern storyteller needs to add a whole lot more to his/her repertoire than just the ability of writing down a few words on a piece of paper.
Polymaths Are Back

To be a successful storyteller these days, you need to use as many means as possible to convey your message – or parts of it at a time – if you want to keep your audience interested and avoid boring presentations and misperceived ideas. While in the past century, an author, novelist or any other type of storyteller, simply needed to have something to write, today the potential is much vaster.

Polymaths – people associated with multiple areas of expertise – have been more and more in the spotlight showing just how fun it can be to use combinations of text, images, music and other forms of expression, together in harmony for telling a single story.
Redefining the Puzzle

The art of storytelling is constantly being enriched by new forms of communication and expression, some of which most people rarely even think of. These can include anything from rhymes and music to computer generated animations or 3D printing.

Nowadays, the sky is the limit – quite literally – and depending on the story you’d like to convey, you can even create your own unique form of art either by coming up with something completely original or using a mix of all the methods currently available both through technological and traditional means.

The most important thing to keep track of, however, is the puzzle you’re creating through the use of multiple storytelling techniques. Each of these methods will hold a different piece of the puzzle which has to fit in harmoniously to introduce and convey the story as clearly and presentably as possible.

The Fun Approach

Some of the most successful storytellers and polymaths out there claim that the whole secret to their success came from experimenting with their storytelling ideas just “for the fun of it”.

Although you may intend to become profitable from this endeavor, it’s important to remember that ultimately, everyone who has ever sought out a story has, in some way or form, done it to obtain a happier, better state of being. In order to inspire or help people to attain that goal, a joyful, positive approach is often essential and always welcome.

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